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This film is the story of a noble band of brothers-in-arms from Legrad who bravely stood up for the love of their family, their people, and their Croatian homeland, and fought for freedom and independence. 

They heartily offered the highest and holiest that any one of us can give. It was they who made it possible to create a free, independent Croatian state, which many others had tried unsuccessfully to achieve over the centuries.

The Croatian Homeland War (1991-1995) was a defensive-liberating struggle for an independent, free, and democratic Republic of Croatia, fought against the armed aggression of Serbia and Montenegro. 

The testimony of the Croatian Defenders presented in the film captures the essence of Croatia’s commitment to a democratic future and its determination to fight against all enemies of freedom. Eternal thanks and glory to all Croatian defenders and their great victories, warriors of justice and light who defeated a great evil.

From this day forward until the end of time, Croatian soldiers, their noble names and deeds, will be inscribed for the ages.

Director                      Nikola Knez

Producer                    Nikola & Robert Knez

Screenplay                 Dr. Dorothy S. McClellan

Cinematographer       David Knez

Narrator                      Nikola Knez

Film Genre                 Documentary                        

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