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Truly, I simply can not believe that the Croatian fans were insulting Borjan! 

Croatians were too busy concentrating on the winning and we were winning. Splendid Croatian victory, Croatia - Canada 4:1, kicks Canada out of World Championship! Perhaps next time Canada will play better.

Croatian & Canadian Fans Reactions on their game World Cup Qatar 2022: 

When and how one can believe that these Croatian fans, full of love and pride for their team and the country would, out of the blue, became a hateful, resenful, delinquet bunch bent on desgracing Croatia?  FiFA, you have the photos of the perpetrators. You should sanction them, not the team and the country.  How do you know they were Croatians?  Because they were wearing Croatian outfits and colours?  Any one can wear any outfit or colours, but that does not make him/ her the person that that the outfit or colours represent. FIFA, it is in your best interest to keep the sport as sport, clean of politics and everything else that has a potential of taking away the value and beauty of the sport, therefore, from now on sanction the culprits not the national teams. The cameras are all over, it would not be hard to identify the same thus by doing that you will definitely take the potential of  different teams' sabotage away from the games.  Let us enjoy the sport as it was meant to be, just a sport, showing the skills and decipline of all hardworking and life loving sportsmen and women have. Encourage positivity by taking away the possibility of influencing the negative.

Two things make me believe this was staged:

Most importantly, a real Croatian would never call any Serb 'Ustasa',  the Croatian would call them 'Chetnik'.

Secondly, seeing how well prepared the Serb propaganda machine was to quickly add the untrue account of the devastating events that befell Croatia in 1990-1995, definitely makes me beleive that this whole thing was staged.  This was a group of paid individuals, whose job was to set the stage for an already prepared Serbian propaganda, which, thanks to Canadian naivety, lack of knowledge and TSN was sent around the World. Strange at the time TSN report was aired the stations in France, and other countries were ready and able to air the same with all ready prepared additional strong opinios of the same.  

Strange all ready and able at the same time? Very well organized and executed propaganda.  I just do not know why?  Does it have anything to do with the doctrine 'Srpski Svet'.? Are they preparing a new assault?

Borjan with his earlier derogatory statements, open hatred towards Croatia, raising 3 fingers towards Croatian fans, failed to entice any reaction from Croatian fans, so they opted for plan 'B'. They needed to create an action which will give them an opporutnity to act immediately in an attempt to disgrace Croatia, which they did.  Everything was prepared  in advance and waiting for the right moment, which TSN made readily available to them.  Sadly for TSN, the Canadian Team and the whole wonderful World Soccer series.

 I wonder if Borjan told you the  following: 

In 1990 - 1995, Serbia, which was in control of JNA 3rd largest European army, armed to the teeth, aggressed upon unarmed and unsuspected Croatia, occupied 1/3 (one third) of Croatia, ethnically cleansed Croatians from their centuries old homes and inhabited the area with Serbs from Serbia.  

Croatians were cleansed from their centuries old homes, leaving  everything behind, on foot, with nothing or with a little plastic bag, in their hands so that Serbs could move into their homes.

Croatians  forced to leave their homes  1991:   

For next 5 years Serbs ravaged our beautiful country, 

committed atrocities, stole everything and anything they came across. Apart from taking all instalations/ aparatus, medicine, even the bandages were taken from our hospitals. Depleted and destroyed our military installations, churches, schools, hospitals and private homes. They daily bombarded Croatian cities, towns, fields, schools, hospitals, homes, bridges, etc. Serbia attacked Croatia and conducted the entire war in Croatia. 

Serbia was not under attack and did not suffer the atrocities of war.  No one attacked Serbia but Serbia from 1990 - 1995 attacked the following Republics: Slovenija, Croatia, BIH, the Autonomus Province of Kosovo in a violent attempt to take over other republics' land in an atempt to fulfill their ill and criminal dream of creating a Greater Serbia by distruction of others. 

This 1990 - 1995 situation was similar to the one you are witnessing today with Russian aggression on Ukraine. The only difference is that the whole world, except Serbia, is on the side of Ukraine. During Serbian aggression on Croatia, we had no one on our side, we were unarmed, unprepared, unsuspecting,  'armed' only with the negative baggage Serb long and consistant worldwide propaganda bestowed on us and the UN's weapons’ embargo. Can you imagine putting a weapons’ embargo on unarmed people facing the 3rd largest European army! They, who should have protected us, put an embargo on us thus by doing so, signed our death warrant.  No one expeceted us to survive even less to defeat the Serb army.

Thank God we endured and after 5 long years we were able to free our ccupied territories with the military policing operation, 'The Storm'. When Milosevic, the head of Serbia at the time, saw that he will not be able to brake us and that military action was looming, he ordered his army to retreat, which they did.  Hastly dressed as civilians forced other civilians to accompany them and left Croatia unharmed, organized on various vehicles, such as trucks and tractors.

Serbs leaving 1995 on stolen trucks and other vehicles:

This is where Borjan’s story begins. He 'forgot' all that was happening earlier, during the 5 years of Serbian assault on Croatia. The civilians that left Croatia, apart from the retreating army were mostly the part of the civilians that came to Croatia during the period of 1990-1995. For Milosevic, it was important that his army leaves Croatia disguised as civilians in order that he could claim there was no army, as well as to use the voluntary exodus as a propaganda of 'ethnic cleansing', which we see at play in this, as well as in many other cases, they do very well. Exodus was organized by Milosevic regime.

I regret that TSN, whose sole calling should be to promote sport, fell pray to Serb ill fated propaganda and hatred  by allowing  this political propaganda to be aired on their station during this most watched and enjoyed world series. By  becoming a part of this propaganda, TSN has taken away all the beauty and enjoyment that sport gives to the public. I truly believe TSN  should apologize to Croatians, Croatian team, other teams and all other sport loving people. 

Believe me, this propaganda harms more Serbs than Croatians.  We know who we are and we will always excel. We suffer, bury our dead and continue living and creating.  For Serbs, I wonder what a wonderful people they could be only if they did not live in a bubble of hatred and myths. 

Take a look at Croatia today, only a short time after suffering a 5 year long Serb criminal aggression! We, thank God, rebuilt our country, are helping the countries in the region and around the world, are members in good standing at UN, NATO, EU and other world organizations, are on the world stages of most of the sports, music, art, medicine, artificial intelligence, world fastest electric car ('Nevera'), Math, Science, around the world scientific expeditions 'Hrvatska Čigra' (Croatian Tern) etc.  This is what a nation can do when it is not bogged down with myths and propagandas, the nation that wants to live in liberty and independent, and let others live. 

Would want the Serbs to get to feel this feeling of living in peace and harmony with themselves and with the rest of the world and stop living in the mythology of ill fated ideology.

Dear Lord give the strength to all life respecting, loving people to promote positivity at all times and under any circumstances, so that the nations would be able to live in the world without negative influences that are looming around many corners of the world. 

May God bless you and yours,


I wonder how strong would Canadian soccer be today if the hateful propaganda did not destroy Toronto 'Metros Croatia' in 1984!?

1976 NASL & Toronto Metro Croatia

Toronto Metros Croatia Feature TSN

(84) Toronto Metros Croatia Feature TSN - YouTube

Remember: Historicist: Toronto Metros-Croatia, 1976 Soccer Bowl Champions!

(Finally one title after 24 years of 'drought'!)

The CROATIAN National Football team is the THIRD in the WORLD! 

Well done Croatia!

Croatia has become a football superpower! 

In her sixth appearance at the world championships, Croatia won a medal for the third time: 

 1998 - THIRD place at the FIFA World Cup in France

      2018 - SECOND place at the FIFA World Cup in Russia

2022 - THIRD place at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

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