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(he received a villa in Zagreb as a reward from the communists)

These days we remember the victims from Maceljska forest, where more than 13,000 Croats - soldiers, civilians, theologians and priests were murdered. It is only one of the 1,500 mass graves of victims of the communist regime found so far in Slovenia and Croatia. 

In a normal legal democratic state, "comrade" Hršak Stjepan, captain first class of the Communist Yugoslav Tito’s Partisan Unit would be one of the most wanted war criminals in the world.  However, this suspected war criminal was under the protection of the authorities of the Republic of Croatia, in particular, under the protection of former president Stjepan Mesić, who announced Urbi et Orbi that "anti-fascists should not be tried."

Criminalists from the War Crimes Department of the Zagreb Crime Police did not have political approval to question the suspect Hršak at all, let alone to detain him and hold him in pretrial detention. This case demonstrates that all citizens of the Republic of Croatia are not treated equally under the constitution and laws.

Despite thousands of reports with strong documentation--hundreds of first-hand testimonies and all evidentiary materials that were submitted not only to the State's Attorney Office of the Republic of Croatia (DORH) but also to the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Interior with the specific names of the killers--the investigation against the perpetrators of these monstrous murders was sabotaged and dismissed with the help of the “Croatian Deep State." 

Hršak Stjepan is suspected of personally killing the Catholic priests and Franciscans with his "Walter" 7.65 mm pistol, which he kept as a trophy in his villa on Tuškanec.  Also, in June 1945, he personally led each prisoner column of 50 to 100 prisoners on foot to Maceljska Gora where they were executed.

Today, the location of the cave on Maceljska Gora is known thanks to Mladen Šafrank, former sergeant and guard of the “Communist Army" of Ozna in Krapina, who participated in this grave crime. In the 1990s, he showed the position of each of the 130 pits to Fran Živičnjak, a survivor. In 1998, he died mysteriously after publishing a booklet entitled: 

"In Eternal Memory of the Croatian Soldiers, Priests, Franciscans and All of the Croatian Martyrs Killed in May and June 1945 in the Macelj Forest near Krapina and the Camps in Mirkovac and Oroslavju."  Fran Živičnjak lived alone in an apartment and died in a bathtub from an electric shock, perhaps the result of an UDBA attack.

Journalist Damir Borovčak connected the crime in Macelj to the Yugoslav communist leadership and dictator Tito: "After the war, the area of Macelj was declared a forbidden area and Tito's hunting ground was there. According to our information, Tito came there to hunt wild boar at least three times. He also hunted with Stevo Krajačić, who was the link between Tito and Stjepan Hršak, the suspected murderer of the priests. There are also photos that provide a clear link between Hršak, Krajačić and Tito. The evidence clearly suggests that the crime against 12,000 Croats in Macelj was ordered by the Communist party and state leadership led by Tito.

No one has yet been held accountable for the partisan-communist massacre which took place without a court or trial.  Already in 2004, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) had recorded over 900 locations with Croatian victims.  Despite all of the evidence and witnesses, no indictment was filed, and no one was prosecuted or convicted.  None of the chief state attorneys since 1992, including Šeks, Herceg, Olujić, Hranjski, Živković, Zadnik, Ortynski, Bajić, Cvitan, Jelenić and Šipek, pursued the perpatrators. 

Who are they protecting? Why don't journalists ask them about it? Why is the media not investigating? Who forced them to be silent and why? Were they ever paid to cover up the crimes? If so, by whom, when and how much? Is it possible to find an honest state attorney in this Deep State?

In Croatia, there has been an absolute inversion of morality, we have become Orwell's Oceania, where the truth has become a lie, and a lie has become the truth. Boljkovac was freed, Manolić was freed, Hršak was freed... Witnesses die, criminals die, and we continue to raise our children on falsified information after so many years. 

Until the 90s, this was not allowed to be discussed.  Why are we silent now?  The State Attorneys Office of the Republic of Croatia (DORH) not only does not prosecute communist crimes, but also does not prosecute Serbian crimes from the Homeland War. 

Crimes that were perpetrated by Serbians during the war have been pushed into oblivion in the same way as have crimes committed in 1945. Without lustration there is no truth, and without truth we will never be a free people.

Today, Maceljska šuma is the largest known burial ground in the Republic of Croatia that bears witness to the communist genocide against the Croatian people, who were prisoners in their own homeland, suffered a terrible death at the hands of domestic partisan communist villains with a darkened mind, while their heirs hold official positions in state institutions where they protect their friends.

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