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Croatian scientists Marija Rosandic and Vladimir Paar announced in the international publication BioSystems their discovery of the supersymmetry of the genetic codes about which Vladimir Paar says: “they are one of the secrets of genetics which many world scientists unsuccessfully tried to uncover for longer than half a century”.

After discovery of the supersymmetry of genetic code, we submitted our “Theory of the symmetry of genetic code” which is based on the unique physicochemical network of the symmetry of purine and pyrimidine between table codes SSyGc, which is identical for all genetic codes and all RNA and DNA variations throughout the entire evolution. We emphasize that the purine-

pyrimidine multiseries network is the essential basic symmetry of the SSyGC table which remained unchanged throughout the entire evolution.

Our hypothesis is that the life on Earth, as we know it today, was born when all natural amino acids were already present. The example for such evolutionary path is one of the oldest living organisms, estimated age of 2.5 billions of years, the single cell green micro algae Chlorella Beyerinck, which is composed of 50% protein and it contains all natural amino acids (Bito et al, 2020). This hypothesis is in agreement with SSyGC tables which are – with their unique symmetry network –purine-pyrimidine- integral to all living RNA virus types, from the most simple to Homo sapiens sapiensa.

Mirror symmetry of the purine-pyrimidine network at the same time creates a symmetry between the amino acids. This fascinating physical-chemical unchanging, symmetry network - as “the blue rule” of symmetry of the genetic code table - is the argument against the random gradual and individual development of the amino acids during the early evolution in the process of creating life. Every code is strictly positioned in Supersymmetry generic code table; thus, it can be understood in its entirety as a law of nature. Life was created when all integral parts of the genetic code were generated!

In a communique to HINA, Vladimir Paar explained that, simply said, “ genetic code is a mode which – with aid of 64 genetic “marks” present in all living beings - encodes 24 products”.

Every “mark”, code, is composed of three nucleotides. There are 4 types of nucleotides, marked by letters A,G,C,T for DNA and A,G,C U for RNA molecule. The “product” consists of 20 types of amino acids which are the building materials of protein which is the base for all living beings, from virus to human beings.

                            Vladimir Paar                                               Marija Rosandić

Therefore, the genetic code is the rule which determines which protein product

corresponds to its genetic “mark” says Paar. It was mathematically established that the number of possibilities of different associations of 64 to number 20 is infinitely large, about 10 to 84. (a number which after digit 1 is followed by 84 zeroes) “This number, by its size, is comparative to the existing number of toms in the universe”, explains Paar.

With this discovery, the authors uncover a new view of the origins of life and the evolution based on symmetries which postulates that there was no evolution of the genetic code but that genetic code is - from the beginning of life - consistent and unchanging as are the numbers and types of amino acids. In other words, this means that from the beginning of development of life all amino acids and generic codes are present as a concrete realization of this Basic symmetry. That “golden rule “of evolution is universal and unchanging throughout evolution for all living beings on Earth, explains Paar.

Two months after its publication, this theory gained additional support by the discovery of Japanese scientists : Asteroid Ryugu is located 300 million kilometers from earth ( and that is double the distance between Earth and Sun.) On Ryugu, they found samples of amino acids, the essential building blocks of living beings on Earth.

The publication Science presented the sensational discovery of the Japanese

scientists and a letter of Rosandic-Paar regarding the supersymmetry which, in

essence, offers a theoretic frame for Japanese results., says Paar. Earlier texts regarding this investigative work names other co-authors and scientists from Croatia, particularly, Matko Gluncic, Ines Vlahovic, Ivan Basar and Nenad Pavin.

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