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Light of Truth!

"I am delighted that this patient work is now seeing the light. It is essential that the bestial crimes perpetrated by Tito and his henchmen are once again placed under focus of the Light of Truth, along with the despicable treachery of his secret British accomplices. Tito in particular must be recorded forever as blood-brother to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and their epigones.

I hope your important film achieves the high circulation and permanent record it so well deserves."

*Count Nikolai Tolstoy-Miloslavsky , Author of The Minister and the Massacres *

Unbelievable film!

"I had no idea about the magnitude of the atrocities following WWII and later. Unbelievable! I appreciate the hard work and genius in bringing the film into being and narrating the truth of Tito's regime and the English complicity.  The interviews were instructive and powerful and the scenes of marching people, many civilian, and excavated graves horrifying. All of this encased by the plaintive lyric with the visuals of the beautiful countryside, the train with the boys (unknowing calves bound for slaughter), the machine gun in the foreground, and the soaring swallows.. This was very moving, as was the entire film." 

Dr. Catherine Cox, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University-CC *

The best I have seen so far!

" I have looked through your film three times now.  It is very good – the best I have seen so far and I have seen quite a few on this topic ....  I really like your introduction using the song of the free swallow. You have covered well the whole scenario of Bleiburg leading up to – and linking - the recent war in the 1990s. Your summation with the recent policies of the UN and EU that it is now time that the former communist countries be brought to justice in order for the regions to go forward is the right ending – leaving this current issue to be faced and resolved."

Suzanne Pincevic, New Zealand *

What a contribution to Croatian historiography!

"Excellent production. What a contribution to Croatian historiography. It is depressing to watch, since Croatians (Dalmatians) under Serbian command were killing Croatians. WE LOST OUR BEST GENERATION!"

* Dr. Edward S. Yambrusic, Author & Attorney, Washington DC *

Forbidden history!

" I am glad to see a movie about the period of Croatian history that could not be spoken about in Croatia until recently."

*Dr. Ante Nazor, ravnatelj Hrvatskog memorijalno-dokumentacijskog centra 
Domovinskog rata *

The death and hell!

"I can only say that your moving portrayal of a terrible episode and its sequelae plunged us into the death and hell of that pit that you describe. We had no idea of any of it. Of course, our reactions are just testimony to the power of your presentation and also to the hope for recognition and resolution the film offers. We warmly congratulate you. We were impressed by the production values. I can hardly imagine where you all came up with all those images and all that historical footage".

* James E. McClellan, Jr., Professor Emeritus, Stevens Institute of Technology *

Long overdue!

"Congratulations on the film! It was great and I'm so excited that there is something in English now about Bleiburg. It's long overdue.!"

Michael Palaich, Professor, USA *


In 1945, just a few days after the end of World War II, Tito and his Partisans initiated an extermination campaign against men, women, and children they viewed as enemies of the regime. The mass slaughter began with the forced repatriation of 700,000 civilians and soldiers who fled Croatia and Slovenia seeking asylum in Austria immediately at the close of the war.

The refugees, deceived by the British into believing they would be given safe haven by the Americans in Italy, instead were loaded onto trains and sent back to Yugoslavia. Large numbers were massacred outright, others died on forced death marches and in mass executions across the country.  

Through filmed interviews with survivors, confessed perpetrators, British officers, military intelligence officials and scholars, as well as analysis of historical documents and newly released evidence of mass graves, the film traces violations of the Geneva Conventions and international law that resulted in what has come to be known as The Bleiburg Massacre and Operation Slaughterhouse.


Buy for $20.00


Extremely well done!

"Have just watched your moving and truly disturbing film. Extremely well done. My congratulations on a superb undertaking blending the archival footage with the contemporary interviews. The British captain was quite a piece of work.!"

* Jesse I. Spector, M.D., USA *