The Croatian Film Institute's main goals are to stimulate and advance Croatian production of films, preserve the heritage of Croatian motion pictures, honor the artists and their work, and educate the next generation of storytellers.

The Croatian Film Institute is dedicated to initiatives that engage the past, present, and future of the motion picture arts. We invite all Croatian or Croatian descendent filmmakers around the world to unite through the Croatian Film Institute so that we can work together to create excellent Croatian film products.

The Croatian Film Institute relies on the generous financial support of movie arts enthusiasts like you to provide funding for its programs, projects, and initiatives. Become a CFI Member or CFI Partner today and play your part in producing and preserving Croatian film history.


The Croatian Film Institute began with the hope and wish to establish the film as an essential feature of Croatian culture and identity, to elevate this great national art form to its deserving place in history.

The Croatian Film Institute was formed by American Croatian Producer, Director & Screenwriter Nikola Knez, and film enthusiasts from the USA and Croatia in 2015. The Institute rose to meet the demands of the changing cultural climate and to spread the knowledge of Croatian film, culture and history to the nation and the world.

To date, we have supported the production of the films in both English and Croatian.


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