# ( 6,418 )        51 min           2018    

This powerful documentary captures the dignity and richness of Native American culture through the eyes and practices of a courageous group of individuals seeking to memorialize the lives of their ancestors in Texas. 

The film traces the path of Native Americans across the Bering Land Bridge into Turtle Island, their traditional name for the United States. With the recent discovery of the second largest Native American burial ground in Texas, elders and members of tribes have joined with city officials to commemorate the final resting place of the earliest residents of this region. Rich visual images and stirring music combine with the beauty and wisdom shared in interviews of old and young people to create an uplifting and inspiring message of hope drawn from their noble and often tragic history.

Director            Nikola Knez

Producer          iFilms LLC

Screenplay      Dorothy McClellan

Film Genre      Documentary

Country           USA                     

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