Croatian heroines bravely endured terror and trauma, war crimes of rape, crimes against freedom, and disregard of the laws of the state and humanity. Thanks to their courage, everyone again speaks out in the hope that their tired voices will be awaken our conscience. They all speak truthfully without calling for hatred and revenge, simply seeking justice for themselves and punishment of the criminals. They sacrificed for the freedom and independence of Croatia in wartime when Croatia did not have the power to protect them and today when they struggle for recognition and justice. We thank them for their sacrifice, for surviving these evils to serve as witnesses. We thank them for sharing the truth




The Doctor's Prison Cell is a feature length documentary about international human rights abuses that occurred in the Croatian War for Independence (1991-1996). The city of Vukovar was surrounded by approximately 80,000 Serbian soldiers, 1,600 tanks and armored personnel carriers, 980 artillery weapons, 350 anti-aircraft guns with 750 rocket launchers. The defense of the city was mounted by approximately 1,850 lightly armed Croatian volunteers. The hospital became a haven for the sick, the wounded, and the living, all of whom saw it as the last ray of hope in the constantly bombarded city, where more than 1,500 shells hit each day.

The film focuses on a young Bosnian physician who was head of the surgical recovery unit of the Vukovar Hospital during a 3-month siege of the city. She performed her duties as she stood knee-deep in blood in the basement of the bombed-out hospital. Many of the patients and medical staff at the hospital were slaughtered when the enemy Serbian troops occupied the city after the defenders were crushed. She was captured, imprisoned, tortured, raped and subjected to mock execution before a firing squad by the occupying Serbian military in 1992. Her heroic efforts during the three-month siege of the hospital and during imprisonment are depicted. She was eventually released in a prisoner exchange after her 21-day hunger strike. She provides detailed testimony used by the Hague Tribunal. The film includes numerous interviews with eyewitnesses, fellow medical staff, a nun and a priest who survived with her. 

Film Genre: Documentary

Director: Nikola Knez

Time: 37 minutes


In 1945, just a few days after the end of World War II, Tito and his Partisans initiated an extermination campaign against men, women, and children they viewed as enemies of the regime. The mass slaughter began with the forced repatriation of 700,000 civilians and soldiers who fled Croatia and Slovenia seeking asylum in Austria immediately at the close of the war. The refugees, deceived by the British into believing they would be given safe haven by the Americans in Italy, instead were loaded onto trains and sent back to Yugoslavia. Large numbers were massacred outright, others died on forced death marches and in mass executions across the country. 

Through filmed interviews with survivors, confessed perpetrators, British officers, military intelligence officials, and scholars, as well as analysis of historical documents and newly released evidence of mass graves, the film traces violations of the Geneva Conventions and international law that resulted in what has come to be known as The Bleiburg Massacre and Operation Slaughterhouse.

BlajburgAA CelijazadoktoricuUSA WarRS SunnyA AmericanPrison

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Film Genre: Documentary

Director: Nikola Knez

Time: 47 minutes


The Republic of Croatia, when it declared its independence in 1991, was immediately attacked by the Serbian and Montenegran army and Chetnicks (Serbian terorist organization "Black hand"). The aggressors carried out vicious crimes deliberately targeting the civilian population. 

Sunny was just eight months old when she was trapped with her mother in the occupied city of Vukovar. She and her mother were held captive in in an apartment where her mother was subjected to multiple rapes by Serbian soldiers. When Sunny's cries were heard by the soldiers they hurled their heavy military jackets on her to muffle the sound of the child's weeping. Miraculously Sunny survived.

This movie addresses the experiences and concerns of women, children and men who were raped in the war and are still awaiting prosecution of the victimizers. The victims are alone in their suffering. The criminals are among us.

The videspread systematic use of rape as an instrument of war by the Serbian army and Chetniks between 1991-1997 in Croatia has been documented by the United Nations and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The U.N. estimates that between 20,000 and 60,000 women were raped by the Serbian military.



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Film Genre: Documentary

Director: Nikola Knez

Time: 44 minutes


War, Rape & Survival received a Silver Remi Award at WorldFest International Film Festival in Houston, April 2014.  The film focuses on sexual violence against 20,000-60,000 women in the Balkan War.  Through interviews with survivors, witnesses and experts we relate their experiences in an effort to seek formal recognition of their legal status as victims of violent war crimes and compensation for their suffering.  


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Film Genre: Documentary

Director: Nikola Knez

Time: 47 minutes


Two young lawyers from dramatically different social and political backgrounds are appointed to represent prisoners by a visionary federal judge in Arkansas in the late 1960s.

This film traces the trajectory of their decades-long struggle for justice and the contemporary global implications of their victories for detainees in American prisons on foreign soil. Through interviews with attorneys, judges, prison administrators and through powerful narrative that highlights investigative reports, we seek and come to understand the significance of bringing the treatment of prisoners in American prisons at home and abroad in line with the U.S. Constitution and international law.


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Film Genre: Documentary

Director: Nikola Knez

Time: 86 minutes


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